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Turistas 2: Jungle Fever

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Welcome to the Go Home wikia dedicated to the Turistas Trilogy of Horror Films beginning with the 2006 first instalment. The wikia covering all the characters, purchasers of organs, the doctor, the victims, locations, game, novella and films

Featured Turista
Bea Trubituan

Bea Trubituan is the sister of Alex Trubituan and is accompanying her older brother on a backpacking trip through Brazil. She befriended Liam Kuller and Finn Davies and the Australian Pru Stragler following the cliff roll of their transport bus. She was drugged the party beach night by Zamora's Harvesters and had her documents, passport and money stolen like all the others. She accompanied her brother and the others when offered help by following a strange local man Kiko who instead lured them to Zamora's House. His remorse was too late to give as Zamora returned to his home and rendered Bea and the others unconsious, locked up for organ extraction for a people's hospital in Rio De Janeiro. She witnessed the death of best friend Amy Harrington and escaped with brother Alex and Australian Pru through a cave system. She boarded a plane flight out of Brazil and her surviving brother saved two more potential victims from taking a bus ride which may have lead to the same circumstances for capture. Bea first appeared in Turistas

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